United by Summits

Make your film idea for the next EOFT program come true with adidas TERREX and the EOFT!

The 2023 application phase is over. The winning project will be published in fall.


United by Summits 2022 winning project

IALAKHA means something like: "Everything you are, everything you feel, that is you - and you are allowed to be happy about that!" On their ski traverse, the two amateur athletes Levi and Heli want to rediscover what defines them as individuals. The goal is to find a connection through the mountains between the last two inhabited villages in the Racha and Svaneti regions (Georgia). Equipped for ten days, they embark on their journey - while local hero "Zura" wishes them well: "Man... you're crazy. That's impossible!"

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Adventure is so much more than just climbing the next mountain.

When you discover new paths for yourself, overcome obstacles, tackle a long-delayed dream, or simply feel a connection with nature—that's your summit moment.

Jury Voting

The jury consists of an EOFT representative, an adidas TERREX representative, and a film producer.

Terms & conditions

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