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This is real 

The European Outdoor Film Tour 

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This is real 

The European Outdoor Film Tour 

The most renowned film event on the European outdoor calendar: The European Outdoor Film Tour is heading to more than 300 venues in 15 countries showing inspiring protagonists with a heartfelt passion for adventure and the great outdoors.

Throughout the programmes of the last 15 years, we've followed one principle: We need no actors, no blue screen, no second takes. Only true adventure. THIS IS REAL.

No script, no actors, no special effects

Only true stories, authentic characters and breath-taking action.  

Ausgewählte Pressestimmen zur E.O.F.T. 18/19:

"Die E.O.F.T. (…) weckt Reisefieber und Abenteuerlust."

(Spiegel Online)


"Faszinierende Abenteuer und waghalsige Extremsportler“



8000 + 

"Prädikat: Hervorragend!"




"Ein eisiges Film-Spektakel"




„Tom, der einbeinige Gipfelstürmer“



"Dieser Mann kennt - trotz seiner Behinderung - keine Grenzen“



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